performance and longevity

Rymar Sport is dedicated to bringing your clients proven products that best fit their facility needs. Our team of highly- trained staff will build and work with the end customer to create a surface that will ensure maximum performance and longevity.

Let Rymar be there from the START LINE to the FINISH LINE.

Our Team has 15 years of experience with Synthetic Sport and Landscape turf. We believe that no project is the same. Rymar will customize the design, materials and prep work to ensure the surface will perform to the best of its capabilities.

We Provide

  • Outdoor Football, Soccer, Baseball, Lawn Bowling Lacrosse, or Multi-purpose Fields
  • Practice Fields
  • Park and Recreation Fields
  • Intramural Fields
  • Batting Cages 
  • Sports Performance Facilities 
  • Tennis and More!


We can sew on Velcro seams to any foam turf products so the field can be modular and does not have to be a permanent installation. Our field and sport products are all professionally glued or sewn together using the industries leading products.

We can customize any product to meet the specific requirements of the project. Customization includes choosing fiber type, face weight, pile height, colors, roll sizes and more. 

We can meet your unique Sport needs by tufting in permanent lines for just a single sport or multi-sport fields. We can customize Logos, numbers, hash marks, and advertising. 

If you have an existing field that is failing and don’t know where to turn. Rymar can come provide support and work with you to find a way to fix seams and build proper cleaning and service programs to maximize the life of the product. 
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During the summer of 2014 we had over 9000 sq. ft. of Synthetic Turf (supplied by Michael Bulva at Rymar) installed at our elementary school in North Vancouver.

The excavation depth, drainage plan, soft pad base and turf installation was critical to the success of the surface.

We went from having a grass/mud area closed most of the winter to having a play area that kids and families enjoy before and after school every day.
— Ann Stewart